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Our economy is in crisis! We need to put people back to work and not just in any job, but in good jobs that will provide decent wages, benefits and working conditions. Our government is responsible for making our economy work, for coming up with solutions to the jobs crisis at the federal, state, and local level. But they’ve fallen down on the job.  So we need to come up with strategies that will create jobs and get officials to act. 

We hear a lot of politicians say that the private sector needs to create jobs, but we know there are steps the government can take to reduce our high unemployment numbers. Click below to download documents for what we're doing, and what we think needs to be done, to create jobs.

From the Blog:

Abby M
3 Feb 2014
The other day, someone asked me why I made my college decision. As I prepared one of my typical “I love the city/the political atmosphere is great/I wanted a challenge” responses, I received a clarification. Why did I even decide to apply to college in general? There are lots of thing I could have said: the independence, the academically-stimulating environment, a love of 8-am...
24 Apr 2013
By: Jeff Blum, Executive Director of USAction   Today CCC and USAction are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership. A partnership to meet the challenge of our times.   For more than three decades, our country has witnessed a conservative-corporate assault on an America that works for all of us, with liberty, justice and prosperity for all. Two complementary forces have driven...
Alesia L
21 Mar 2013
Brookings Survey: Over Six in Ten Americans Back Citizenship From ABC Univision Over six in ten Americans think undocumented immigrants should be given a path to citizenship, according to a survey released Friday by the Brookings Institution.   The survey found that 63 percent of respondents back citizenship for those without papers, while 21 percent favor deportation. Only 14...
Alesia L
19 Mar 2013
Senate’s Gang of 8: We’ll Have Bill in April From The Hill Members of the Senate’s Gang of Eight say they are on track to reach a deal on immigration reform by the end of March, despite skepticism and sniping among outside groups. Sources familiar with closed-door talks between the four Democratic and four Republican senators said members hope to unveil a bill...