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Hot Topic:Immigration

America’s identity and history as a nation of immigrants is at the core of the American story and American values. Our broken immigration system dishonors those values of inclusiveness, justice and equality. America gives people hope, a democratic voice, the opportunity to make a new life for their families, and a chance to build a real future through hard work, determination and entrepreneurial spirits.

Unfortunately, our nation’s traditions are under siege from a small but vocal group of fear-mongers. Fixing our broken immigration will require reliance on the tried and true American values that have made us the most successful experiment in building a nation of immigrants in world history. The bottom line is that our values as a nation demand that reform must fulfill the dream of one nation by creating a path to citizenship, honoring families, protecting American workers and preserving the American system of justice.

From the Blog:

Rudy L
10 Apr 2014
Rudy Lopez, Senior Organizer at the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, participated as a core faster in the Fast for Families: A Call for Immigration Reform & Citizenship, going without food for 22 days. Yesterday, Rudy wrapped up a six-week, cross-country bus tour with a rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  I am not an immigrant. I was born and raised in the small...