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Hot Topic:Immigration

America’s identity and history as a nation of immigrants is at the core of the American story and American values. Our broken immigration system dishonors those values of inclusiveness, justice and equality. America gives people hope, a democratic voice, the opportunity to make a new life for their families, and a chance to build a real future through hard work, determination and entrepreneurial spirits.

Unfortunately, our nation’s traditions are under siege from a small but vocal group of fear-mongers. Fixing our broken immigration will require reliance on the tried and true American values that have made us the most successful experiment in building a nation of immigrants in world history. The bottom line is that our values as a nation demand that reform must fulfill the dream of one nation by creating a path to citizenship, honoring families, protecting American workers and preserving the American system of justice.

From the Blog:

Abby M
18 Apr 2014
After finishing the book Crossing Over by Ruben Martínez, there was one story that I couldn’t get out of my head. The nonfiction book follows the journeys of many immigrant families as they embark on their trek from their small hometown in the south of Mexico to different destinations across the United States. While many of the stories were heartbreaking and tragic, the...