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Hot Topic:House Meetings

Thank you for hosting a house meeting and building a movement to rebuild the American Dream and make the economy work for all of us!

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house meeting guide on corporate greed.

If you've hosted a meeting, let us know how it went.

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House meetings have always been a basic foundation of organizing in America. They’re a great way to bring people together to build relationships, spread knowledge and information, and inspire action!

Over the coming months, Change Nation will create monthly guides to help you facilitate house meetings. We’ll help you discuss a range of topics:

  • We’ll learn some history – from the Great Depression and New Deal to how unions built the Middle Class.
  • We’ll look at current issues – from the fight to extend unemployment insurance to policies to create jobs.
  • We’ll explore new economic ideas and visions – from a vision for full employment to proposals for creating a fair economy.

Use the links below to check out the materials on each topic:

Monthly Host Guides

May House Meeeting Guide:

May House Meeting Packet -

April House Meeeting Guide:

April House Meeting Packet -

November House Meeting Guide:

November House Meeting Materials -

October House Meeting Guide:

October House Meetings

September House Meeting Guide:

September House Meeting Packet -

August House Meeting Guide:

August House Meeting Packet -

Host Prep Packet:

Host Prep Packet -



From the Blog:

Jingru H
11 Jul 2013
           As House Republicans debate whether or not they will act on immigration reform, they should remember the deadline of Aug. 2nd that the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has set for the House to pass a bill containing a pathway to citizenship. Until then, and if House GOP members decide to ignore the deadline, FIRM will continue to...
Jingru H
20 Jun 2013
       This week, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) leaders went to the House Judiciary Committee to voice their disapproval for the SAFE Act, a bill that takes the extreme measure of instantly turning millions of undocumented people into criminals.          As soon as the committee chairman sat down, FIRM leaders...
Joaquin G
9 Nov 2012
As the polls officially closed on Election Day in Ohio, I was waiting outside a church in Akron for Mimi, a young mother to return from voting. Mimi works two jobs on Tuesdays so she had to vote at the end of the day. As I waited, I read an email from my colleague back in the field office who sent the following message to our all staff list:   "Akron office as polls close. Black white...
Sean T
18 Oct 2011
My earliest political memory was when my family joined a picket line supporting the teachers union’s fight over salary levels. I was only eight years old so I probably didn’t need much of an explanation for walking in a circle, chanting and carrying signs – it was just fun! But that early memory came back to me this past year when I saw tens of thousands turn out to protest...